Upgrade & Modification

Sermas knowledge and technology for aluminium sawing has been improved constantly over our 50-years expertize.

Upgrading your saw is a sustainable opportunity to benefit from the latest Sermas improvements within short time at affordable cost.

Most parts of a 10+ years old sawing equipment can be upgraded / retrofitted, with real advantages:

- Wheels/shafts assembly with new generation pillow blocks for higher reliability

- Hi-Perf Blade-guide rollers for better cut quality (Sermaguide)

- PLC and automation to comply with new production requirements and supervision expectations

- Brushless Saw translation for optimized process

- New generation blade-lubrification system to reduce lubricant consumption (sermalube)

- Centralized greasing device

- Full chip-management (exhaust system, crushing, briquetting) to valuate your chips (sermachips)

- Slabs, T-bars, plates or billets marking devices (pin, laser, paint/ink) (sermamark)

- Automated handling solutions (conveying, manipulators, staking…)

- Full-automated strapping station (sermastrap)

- Obtain all the KPI of your sawing line, and get automatically your production journal (sermalogix)

- Automatic geometrical et/or quality control of your product (sermascan)

- Register all the events on your line (sermaview)

- …

With the cumulated feedback of our worldwide customers, and our dedicated engineering, we can assist to fulfill the following requirements :

- Improve reliability and productivity

- Achieve customers highest quality requirements (cutting quality and accuracy)

- Enlarge your production range or capacity (products weight or dimensions)

- Eliminate and replace obsolete parts or technology for easier maintenance

- Increase the safety of your sawing installation

Upgrades of sawing process can be performed on existing Sermas saw or on any brand saws as standard or customized-design solutions. It is also applicable to anode/cathode equipment. Upgrading your saw with Sermas designed parts will offer you total access to our premium spare-parts services.

Feel free to ask for any improvment of your sawing machine, we will handle it immediately. And if you don’t know what to do first, our field experts is available to visit you worldwide and proceed in-depth technical assessment which consists in a full audit of your equipment to determine the most relevant upgrades that move your production forward.