Stub saws

Sermas developed for you a new Anode Stub-Saw.
Efficient, robust and economical this saw is to cut used part of stub and prepare the surface for the welding of a new stub portion.
The stem is loaded/unloaded on the saw thanks to on overhead crane and a handling beam. The operator select the stub to be cut and set the saw head at the required position along the stub, then the cut is made.

Stub saw by SERMAS


  • . Blade type: Disk with screw fixed carbide tips
  • . Blade diameter: 420 mm
  • . In-feed motor power: 0.25 kW
  • . Blade motor power: 15 kW
  • . Typical net cutting time to cut one stub Ø 130 mm = 2 min
  • . Typical productivity: 4 stems/hour (cutting 4 stubs on each stem)
  • . The stub saw is to be installed in the anode stem repairing workshop

The stem is clamped by pneumatic cylinders

Chips are collected into a bin

Possibility in option to load the stem with the yoke in vertical position