The BS-E SERIE solution by SERMAS

The BS-E SERIE solution :

  • ✓ Solid design for an industrial use
  • ✓ Easy maintenance
  • ✓ Log lasting reliable components proven on hundreds of saws
  • ✓ Innovative technological solutions (SERMLOGIX 4.0, SERMAGUIDE, …)
  • ✓ The lowest cost per cut on the market
  •     * Optimized blade life
  •     * Reduction of cuting oil consumption (with our SERMALUBE system)

Product Sheet: Leaflet – SERMAS – billet saws – Essential Range – Serie BS-E

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BS-E SERIE [Overview of The BS-E SERIE]

Cut-To-Size XL Saw made by Sermas

A generation of circular sawing machines to cut your non-ferrous plates (Al, Cu, Brass... & alloys)

Main advantages:

    • High-speed cutting for soft & hard metals (Al, Cu, alloys...)
    • Production flexibility for sheets or stack of sheets up to 100 mm
    • Customized capacity from standard to XL dimensions of products according to your specifications
    • Cost effective, affordable investment

Block saw made by SERMAS