Our Solution to optimized your lubrication


SERMAS R&D departement under the direction of our R&D enginer developed a new solution, based on 15 years of MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) via our SERMAlube Brand and 40 years of slicing. They redesign completely our solutions in the goal to propose at our customers the best on the market of MQL. With a solution able to optimized the quatity of oil and compelty monitoring solution

SERMALube.v2® list of avantage :

  • ✓ Compact
  • ✓ Optimized
  • ✓ Mounting and maintenance simplified
  • with test buton & esay security mode
  • ✓ Mounting and maintenance simplified
  • ✓ Possibilyty to connect many nozzle
  • ✓ Filtration ameliored
  • ✓ reduction of online exchange losses
  • ✓ Pneumatic basic version
  • ✓ Automatic version with monitoring
Available only with automatic version
  • ✓ Tension adaptability
  • ✓ Heater integrated
  • ✓ Flowmeter
  • ✓ Possibility to connect wit SERMAlogix


The SERMAlube-V2 basic version is a solution for small equipement and small customer budgetary


The SERMAlube-V2 automatic version is a solution for customzers that want optimized, monitoring the quantity of the oil used


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