Solution 4.0 to use the maximum capacity of your machine


SERMAS R&D departement under the direction of our Chief Data Scientist developed a new industry 4.0 solution, the goal is to enhance the machine digitization in order to offer variety of solutions around performance and alarms analysis, advanced machine diagnosis and predictive maintenance powred by AI.

The SERMALOGIX® is a Data driven system ainming to answer to recursive questions of the industry within the process and product scope in order to give consistant, valuable and necessary information,therefore it will help you to take the appropriate decissions and actions for different organisation,department and levels.

The SERMALOGIX® Main Architecture is presanted as follow as :

Thanks to this architecture the sermalogix is able to performe several tasks as follow :

✓ Performance measurment and process analysis, toward the assessment and detailed tracking of the manufacturing process (in real time and in history mode)

✓ Continous Improvment by managing and maintaining records and optimizing the production process.

✓ Alarms management whith intelligent handling

✓ Business planning and logistics which includes warehouse and production management, reporting in real time information with customized reports.


Remote Support

The remote support function enable the remote access to the plc's ( with safe and secured connection) in order to offer :

-Remote assistance, troubleshooting and support.

-Fast and secure access to PLC's as all the needed software and backups are stored localy on the sermalogix box.

-Easy access to HMI and Drivers as well.

SQL Storage

The local SQL storage will manage and take care automatically of all the machine parameters, alarms , status and production information historisation in structured and opitimized way to garanty high perfromances and quality queries . -The Data remain localy at the custmer side , and can handel high storge quantity -We can adapte the solution according to your SQL preferencies ( SQL Server , MYSQL, Postgres , Oracl Db etc.) -The Data Base is accessible to the customer and we offer the maintenance as well.



See the video :

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