Automatic preparation for co-rolling

Aluminium brazing line

Brazing line:

The SERMAS' brazing line is used for the preparation of complex slabs for co-rolling and production of multi-alloys sheets.

Brazing line by SERMAS

Automatic welding system
[Automatic welding system]

This machine makes complex slabs:

puce 1 core with 1 cover (two alloys)
puce 1 core with 2 covers (two alloys)
puce 1 core with 4 covers (three alloys)

Concept of the Equipment:
  • . Cut to size of the cover
  • . Contact faces preparation
  • . Handling of the core and of the covers
  • . Assembly & positioning of the covers on the core
  • . Welding assembly
  • . Strapping
  • . Semi-automatic or automatic