Solution 4.0 to use the maximum capacity of your machine


SERMAS R&D departement under the direction of our Chief Data Scientist developed a new solution in the goal to propose at our customers the best on the market to Performance Analysis, Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance System.

The SERMAscan® System is capable to extract any kind of Metrologic's features for inspection purpose or measurements , according to your specification we can adapt and automate the acceptance or rejection of your product according to your specs and criteria. :

✓ Production metrics ( Timers , counters …etc.),

✓ Motors (Current , torque… etc.),

✓ Feed & Balde speed, Suction pressure , Flow rate

✓ Blade & systems vibrations.

And then from this collection of data we will be able to deliver variant services on the process, production management and business processes. Blade (speed, vibrations).

A couple of example dashboard for a better understanding of your machine


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