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SERMAS designs, manufactures and starts up complete sawing plants for Aluminium and non-ferrous material such as:
  • . Aluminium Slabs
  • . Aluminium Plates, Billets & T-bars
  • . Copper bars
  • . Carbon & Graphite blocks
and all their associated equipment:
  • . Handling, weighing system, staking device
  • . Ink paint or air impact marking
  • . Labeling system
  • . Chips evacuation and conditioning, strapping ...

Our wide range of large band and circular sawing machines can answer to every market demands.

SERMAS designs, manufactures and starts up milling machines to produce Aluminium cast plate and Aluminium rolled plate.

SERMAS designs, manufactures and starts up cathode sealing benches to produce cathode blocks used in the smelter pots.

We are working mainly with Aluminium smelters, rolling mills, extrusion plants, forging plants, distribution centers, copper and carbon industry.

We offer customized solutions adapted to your requests, to your site (civil engineering, architecture, climate...) to help you meeting the needs of your customers.


New equipment

Whatever your specific needs, we can provide the high speed sawing solution most adapted to your finished products and/or design a complete sawing installation integrated to your industrial site.

Upgrade / services

We can integrate equipment to your current and future sawing installation and/or provide an assessment of your sawing process.
We can provide you with consumables and spare parts.