Non-ferrous cutting

1- Copper saw

SERMAS has developed a standalone saw to cut copper beams to be drow out.

The extremity of the copper bar, after extrusion, has to be cut by pointing it in order to ease the draw out process (specifically insertion in the machine).

On site equipment
Flexible solution:

The saw is designed to cut the edge of copper beams by machining it at required shape.

Technical data:
Rotation of the sawing head : -30° to 30°
Vertical adjustable position of the : 100 mm stroke
Lateral adjustable position of the : 300 mm stroke
Chips succion system integrated  
Can cut every copper alloys  

Copper profiles
[Copper profiles before extrusion]

2- Carbon block band saw or circular saw

This saw makes accurate and block positioning cut.

. Cutting speed: up to 3 000 m/min
. Precision of cut: +/- 0,5mm

Band saw using diamond blade to cut products thicker or larger than 500mm.
Typically: carbon or graphite pieces for chemical heat exchanger.

Carbon band saw

Circular saw using blade with carbide / diamond tips to cut products thinner or smaller than 500mm.
Typically: carbon or graphite pieces for smelter pots.

Conception of a saw