A few words about our company

About us

World leader in the sawing of large dimension material for the aluminium industry, SERMAS Industrie is developing a complete range of equipment to produce Aluminium cast products.

The success of SERMAS is the result of the capacity to supply equipment in accordance with the real need of the industry.

SERMAS was created in 1972 and is involved in the Aluminium industry since 1983.


We continually improve our proficiency and expertise in our processes to guarantee the quality of our products and thereby, respond fully to the satisfaction of all our clients thoughout the world.

We are ISO 9001-2008 certified

Conception of a saw
[From planning to engineering]

Conception of a saw[Up to tests in our workshop to on-site commissioning]

Customer focus

With a SERMAS solution, every kind of Aluminum slab or billet can be sawn, every cast plate can be sliced and milled, every plate can be cut to the requested dimension, all with the highest accuracy and productivity:

This allows our customers to produce the best products for their dedicated markets, in primary or secondary aluminum, distribution or recycling.


125 saws and totaly 200 machines implanted throughout the world: