Surface milling machine

Milling machine for Aluminium Plates made by Sermas

A new generation of machines to mill ALUMINIUM plates (Al & alloys)

Combined with the slicing saw, it will allow you to produce ACP

This machine is used to finish the surface of the sawn plate, to get Aluminium cast plate with a roughness surface similar to the rolled plates.

Intelligent solution:

Sermas’ milling machine is able to mill plates up to 7500mm x 3200 mm

Technical data:
Length : up to 7500 mm
Width : up to 3200 mm
Thickness : up to 200 mm
Plate thickness : 5 to 200 mm
Milling depth : 0,1 to 1 mm (typ.0,3mm)
Roughness Ra : Ra 0,4 µm
Thickness tolerance : ± 0,15 mm

Optional equipment to manipulate the plate and protect the finished surfaces:

  • . Plate vacuum manipulator
  • . Plate tilting device
  • . Film coating machine
  • . Table cleaning device

Main advantages:

    • For production of plates up to 3.2m-width !
    • Possibilities to mill simultaneously several plates
    • Cost effective, affordable investment